Words are like…

Words are like Dicks (no offence)


Words are like the dick “Doesn’t matter what size it is, as long as you know how you use it”…at least that’s what they say! I am a woman so I don’t have the “magic stick” and no, I don’t wish to possess one neither but I seriously love it, thank you Lords for giving your sons and daughters such a beautiful gift Hallelujah.                                                                                                                                  Let’s get dirty, let’s dive into the dangerous kingdom of shame, of political incorrectness. Some guys have this idea that all women like big dicks (yes, I did said “dickssss”, plural). So, who doesn’t? Well it depends, in the same way that we don’t assume that everyone loves pistachio ice-cream it is also discriminating and quite bizarre to assume that women just like big, if you will, cocks. But let’s examine the matter further. Let’s take the example of an relatively miniscule dick. It may be giant for an ant! Can you imagine a giant miniscule dick “smashing” a tiny ant?!Do male ants have dicks lol?Please forgive me, I didn’t intend to go into animal pornography or offend anyone with my vulgar language but it’s really not my fault, my metaphors are wild and naughty, rather random and cartoonish and my imagination is too vivid and untamed. Now that all my perverse creativity is out in the open, we can move to the core of the matter.

Words…some of us are so cautious of how we speak and why is that? Is that, maybe we are afraid of revealing what lays dormant inside of us,because words stem from our emotional state, from our though process that retrieves them from our belief system,or something like that…

Nevertheless, I find it considerate and respectful to select the words that I use, since we may want to consider other people’s feelings and their prospective when conversing with them. But then again, once you realise that you are not your believes, nor your emotions, that’s when you can set yourself free. You want to express yourself with or without words, without having to ever feel feeling guilty or afraid again.Some people call it confidence; I like to call it self-love. Please don’t  judge yourself if you say the “wrong” thing next time and try not to condemn other people’s words and deeds neither.If you commit yourself to holding on to the beauty of  your inner peace, you became unstoppable. You start to thrive and matter of “artificial righteousness” became a complete nonsense.

Why do we think we talk anyway?

Let me give you a clue. There is not just one answer but multiples ones, you got to find YOUR own answer, that’s the one! From my human stand point, this is it: you want to be you, feel allowed to be you, hoping that the other people will welcome you like “Yes, I see you, I completely get you and I love you”. It’s natural, but wait: you must give yourself your own permission slip, sign it and go to that place first by yourself, yes,unaccompanied (it would be quite nice to get a VIP pass though).

That’s the conversation that I am on, more than ever. So, recapping you can tell your well-intentioned friend… that one that incessantly whispers self-preservation threats in your head: “C’mon, come back home matey, this is where you belong. You are the queen/the king of your Kingdom, remember?!”.I said mate for the British people but Homie, if you are American or you can translate it in any other language or even making your own secret language if you wish.

Amore, Love, Sayang, Amour they are words that signify love yet  they don’t have the same connotation. Beyond words,we all know certain, universal feelings that we are familiar with. The good news is that we are indeed capable of feeling more, exploring more worlds inside of us, in the many universes of emotions. By the way, if you like this concept you might be interested in a new App called “Universe of Emotions”.So, if I were to navigate somewhere I’d rather choose to go to a meaningful place, whether it is a distant, unexplored land or my regular, favourite holiday spot.

If you wish to come with me, I promise, it will be alright, you can trust me. Why? Because I am a highly sensitive being and I know what suffering means so I try to help uplift others. I use words like my tools, words can build or destroy and I enjoy mastering the goodness behind them. How do I know if a “kind word” it is so? If it helps someone feeling better.One last thing that I feel urged to say is please LOVE ,whenever you can,I know you can, because love is in our DNA, it is in fact our DNA! If you choose to resist love, for any reason, love will Love you anyway… maybe even more, not because you need it but because I do.

 Call me “Isa”, call me love.






Your eyes

Your eyes

Baby you drown me into an ocean of dark beauty
 You are a shooting star, a firework and one hundred Christmas lights on the fourth of July
 Sparkling and gleaming, my soul is on fire
 Falling so fast but here comes the twilight.
 One last moment, one more moment with you, it’s a moment too late.
I had to hold my breath when I saw your eyes into his eyes, his eyes into your eyes
A bare reflection of that damn action, merely a chemical reaction, which brought us all together
It was nothing, nothing but sex, sex’s all that was supposed to be, apparently, so why I keep asking
Myself if that’s how you really feel? Sorry, you can’t hear me, baby, I am sure your high was my high,
My heart rose gazing at you, smoking-weed-smelling, baby I was shaking
Heaven, you wouldn’t have me shiver oh, I am sure about you, I saw compassion in your eyes
Why test you, tease you, sorry baby stranger, you took me to the moon and
back to Gaza where I took a snapshot of you in my memory, I am forever captured into the sweet
Agony of holding on to that magic, close inside my heart like a black pearl in a shell.
One last moment, one more moment with you, it’s a moment too late

How can they say that love is blind
When I clearly see God’s smile through your eyes, I dive into my sweet sorrow
Tears me apart into the kitchen floor and no one’s here to pick up the pieces
You fix me with your sweetness but, sorry baby you can’t hear me
Are you inside of me? I need you right here with me, now can you hear?
One last moment, one more moment with you, it’s a moment too late

My man I love him so why
Am I your girl, baby, will you ever know it? Can you hear
My music, my heart beats and goes, on and on.
Only God knows about this moment.
I fell in love with your eyes

It was so easy..

Full heart and mindful
From now on
No more drama no doubt
Instead clarity and flow
Trusting my impeccable guidance

This system makes my life worthy
Today I’ll wake up easy
Feeling good
Breathing in the morning breeze
No more untangling to do
Because life is easy
Life is fun
When I am love
I set myself free
I was born free
And I AM

Almighty power of Emotions on H2O

beauty love water
I first got to know the work of Dr.Emoto when my rather skeptic cousin announced that some scientists discovered something new;that water if “cursed or blessed” turns good or bad.Then on the Internet I came across some stunning,astonishing pictures  of the water crystals.They somehow have a similar structure  to the snowflakes in their natural state.

Their structure gets altered by emotions,words or vibrations,such as music waves .The water particles infused with love and appreciation look beautiful,while if contaminated with hate or rage they look scattered.
Dr. Emoto’s discovery is an undeniable prof of the Laws of Vibration,most commonly known as the Law of attraction.

Therefore vibration shapes matter that’s what Quantum Physic knowledge is based on.
Our feeling are very POWERFUL.

I’d like to share a personal, exceptional experience pertinent to this subject which.It was during a time when I was learning about the hidden powers of water.One morning I woke up refreshed and in a good mood so I decided to take a “selfie” to update my Facebook profile picture.

Well,as I had been  meditating and appreciating the blessing of Water I choose  my  bedroom waterfall’s poster as a background .I was leaning on it and soaking in that water essence to the point that felt like it stacked on me..

Then I took another shot somewhere else in the room. I had a look and I was very satisfied with it because of something ethereal that I couldn’t quite pin down but which gave the pic a special feel.

Zooming in I then noticed a detail in the photo,that out of nowhere a crystal earing had appeared on my lobe.That day was just wearing red earings.
Well I can’t quite explain what happened there but I remember feeling something beautiful and divine. And I have that photo as a prof that miracles happen on ordinary days

Recently I tried to recreate Dr.Emoto rice and jars experiment.

My first attempt failed because I didn’t follow the instructions as I mistakenly used raw rice,so never mind.

Second attempt did produce some interesting results.

I distributed some cooked rice and water between two glass jars.

They looked identical..I labelled the two jars “I love you and” I ignore you”.

After 30 days I could definitely notice some changes.

This is what happened


The poor i ignore you jar (sorry water)looks rotten with mould ,It smells foul
The I love you jar on the contrary looks good .The rice is fermented is even floating on the surface. The colour is golden with a hint of pink !It  has a pleasant smell.

After all I have tested and proved to myself with this experiments that out emotions and intentions do have an effect on the outer word.

Yes, we create our reality . It is worth learning to feel as good as we can in every moment and let the rest unfold effortlessly.

Life is supposed to be fun!
i luv u water

The Amazing Spider-man 2 spoiler review

The Amazing Spider-man 2 is without doubt the best film of the year,it’s much more than the regular superhero film.

I went to watch the very first show at Leicester Square’s Odeon as promised to my four years old son Romeo,who is the number one Spider-Man fun.
I was just as thrilled as he was.I loved the whole Spiderman Saga and I was looking forward to the Amazing Spiderman number 2!
Watching a 3D film of this proportion and sound quality is experiencing few hours of emotional rollercoaster.

Needless to say the film was Epic.
The storyline got me raptured.The monsters/bad guys are “beautiful” in particular,Harry,the green goblin is bloody charming(them eyes!).

The storyline is fantastic and like real life it brings both good and bad “surprises”.

During a fight however,there is a shocker a unfortunate turning point: Gwen,Peter Parker’s sweetheart dies.Yes you heard it,she DIES,she perishes,game over!

Oh man,I just wasn’t ready for that!!What about a magic healing tear to bring her back..no chance!That ‘so Disney no Marvel,no happily ever after may mean no happy ending neither?I was in turmoil,what an injustice!In the end of the day Gwen too became a heroine,by dating Peter,I thought his super powers would have rubbed on her;instead,sadly the spiderwebs didn’t have that much grip after all.What a life I sobbed:you go to the Cinema to relax and they dump this traumatic dilemma on you.

So heartbroken Peter decides to retire from his superhero duties,leaving New York in a hopeless wreck.

I did feel it because tragedies strike in real life too, for instance if a person we love dies prematurely and we have no other choice but to let go and let God.

In that case putting things into prospective becomes a real challenge,to see that even the people that we love the most are not our safety anchors but they are our angels,we All are human angels.

We are born lonely for a reason to fulfill a higher purpose which is what makes us unstoppable.That’s all we have control over and it has to be enough.

We are here to fight because we all have a mission.We will go on as long as we have breath and fearlessly,won’t we?
God is our lighthouse,embracing us with the beauty of Nature in his many forms and expressions.The Ones that we love are still here with us,maybe less physical,for the time being,but more present than ever.

So will Peter give up hope?Or will he choose to be Spider-man the hero that he was born to be?will he keep thriving in his mission ?
Well here we have the real happy ending.

On this note I leave you with the beautiful soundtrack by Alicia Keys
“It’s on again”


I started this blog for myself,for the purpose of setting my pulsing ideas into motion.I found that WordPress was a perfect platform to freely express and share some contents with a magnificent network of Bloggers.

Every post I write(this is just my third post!)comes from a random inspiration.It serve its purpose to me,which is to be heard.Blogging feeds my hopes of reaching out to like-minded readers.

Today I will explore the idea of being raw,being genuine.
Every day,I am learning a bit more about not just accepting but also genuinely like who I am. I really hope to be an example as the dislike of the Self seems to be quite fashionable,a not-so hidden epidemic;it’s like we are supposed to feel ashamed,to keep our head down rather than being proud of who we really are,unless of course we fit in certain,meticulously crafted standards.

Personally,I got so bored of my inner critic,doing such a brilliant job at corroding my inside,that I suddenly and finally changed the direction of my thoughts,I broke that vicious circle!

Basically,I started to trust,to have a higher opinion of myself,which gave me the permission to be spontaneous.
I quitted thinking that other people were better than me.
If they looked,spoke,wrote,performed had”better”that me,so what!I admire their qualities and they give me something to learn from.

I don’t sabotage myself anymore.
Another things is that I now acknowledge that my immediate impression matter,it matters a lot!That’s because it is my only and extremely reliable guidance.

If,for argument’s sake,one day,wild animals were going to lose their instincts,their species would definitely become extincted.Over the centuries,us human being,became evolved creatures.
Mother nature gave us a biologically perfect body,equipped,for the most part of five or six magnificent senses;if we still have them in 2014,it means that we need them,maybe not to hunt or flee from predators but maybe to flee from a dead-end-job!

Omg,how many times I heard this same old tale:our bodies did not physically evolve to adjust to modern times regarding the fight or flight chemical response triggered by stress.
Why does it seems like we are supposed to accept that stress,as much as unpleasant is yet an unavoidable aspect of life?
I will tell you why!It’s because they are trying to convince us that the life model that they engineered for the masses is normal and is the best we aim for.

I am not writing to convince anyone or start a new movement!I just feel the responsibility to let my creative ideas flow,by sharing them with those who are ready to receive this information,for a higher purpose.

Being honest with life is my motto. If I like or dislike something or someone I will take notice of it.
There is a saying”Don’t judge a book by its cover”.Well,I used to shut down my senses,to deliberately be oblivious of the “cover”,for fear of being a superficial, judgemental,feeling like a “bad person”for being highly receptive. That was then,now what I say is:why should I doubt or ignore my first impression?-No,I should NOT!-

Trusting my first response to what surrounds me,means utilising my senses,listening to my intuition,it’s respecting and celebrating my innocence,my truth. This is something that I learned from the children and that I remember from my childhood.
Even if I don’t like the cover,I may still like the book,but the cover would still remains a piece of crap to me!Why being fake?

So,I do use my senses and my heart and I trust them enormously.
I know when I am on my path because,In my heart,I say-Namaste-to those who deserve my respect as I feel it.

Why am I raw?
Because I looks directly and profoundly into other people’s eyes,because I mean what say,because I ponder my words as they are powerful,because I am more concerned about kindness than manners.
Most importantly,I try to be present,my undivided attention is the gift I give to people,whether for three seconds or three hours.

Not many people do that,they are usually too” busy”,too afraid or both..
So I carry myself in this way and I am often perceived with curiosity.
I really don’t mind,I could have learned to behave in a socially more classifiable way.I was raised just like everyone else,but I decided to remain the unpredictable,spontaneous and malleable being that I was born to be.

I am aware that what I’m expressing may sound a little arrogant to someone,but what matter to me is that it hopefully sounds liberating and empowering to many.
I remind Myself and You,reading this post that,doing and being what feels good is what,we all deserve and it’s not an irrational ,shameful fantasy.

We were born naked and free because we are perfect inside and out.We’ve got it all!

The Power of Giving UP!

Giving up is not easy in relationships .We always want to win,we want to have the last word,to get our way,to be right, you name it!We have heard all sort of advises from our family and friends and the”experts”on how to have an optimal approach to relationships.Yesterday I watched a film called “Couple retreat”.It’s a romantic comedy that explores some aspects of love dynamics.It made me reflect upon the fact that every relationship is different, because all of us are uniquely different.We are individuals, so what works for one person may not work for another,let alone for the complex combination two people in a couple.There are not rules or infallible tricks that apply to every couple.

I must admit that I found very challenging to understand the dynamics of my own relationship with my partner.Finally I came up to a realisation:absolutely everything and everyone changes,starting from ourselves.So,how are we supposed to offer a behaviour that pleases the other when we just can’t predict their reaction?Well, we simply cannot because that involves to many variable components.We can, in fact ,only please them in reverse,by pleasing ourself first,by being whole.There is no point  in trying to figure things out too much.This is not a pessimistic idea,it is accurate for me . Let’s consider for example a person that perform the exact same routine for years,day after day,is still not the same person deep inside because life keeps moving.Change is the fascinating law of nature.Nothing is still in the universe although things sometimes appear to be very similar,every particle that exists is not identical from one moment to the next.

There is not two ways about if ,you want your relationship to work,to be fulfilling  and joyful you have to focus on your own needs.You cannot focus on you and your partner at the same time . You cannot depend on him emotionally or vice versa, that’s a passion killer.

There are two popular “fairy tales” ,I found.One is the “Soulmate/Prince Charming”illusion,the second is the “You/I have grown apart”delusion.What a drastic range!They gave us the idea that Real love is still and assumingly stable,while keeping up with our personal expansion is an antagonist to it.

Well,I belive that we are born alone and we always will be ,even when surrounded by the most lovable and loving people in the World.

It’s the happiness we feel inside that makes every relationship in our life joyful.However,I do have a secret to a happy,loving relationship.I’m not suggesting compromising,sacrificing or changing.
The secret is to faithfully and completely give up those things that upset our partner,by sensing them as they arise,therefore preventing them from becomimg an ugly argument trigger. Saving yourself from an argument is caring about making the most of your precious time,which is not to be wasted in draining confrontations.It may sound contradictory,as I explained that making yourself happy without being concerned about anyone else is essential,let me explain.There is a huge difference between caring and worrying.

Letting your beloved win,doesn’t make you loose out,it puts you in control of the whole “game”instead.Doing so will,in fact,make you happier that your mind is actually capable of conceiving.Being yourself is the source of joy,by simply sifting through our choices and going for the ones that bring harmony between us and our other half means finding that perfect fusion.You become whole with Yourself,it’s gaining a deeper understanding of our mind and our heart .There’s no need for sacrifice or compromise,in order to live a wonderful relationship .There are instead plenty of occasions to became a more intelligent and intuitive person,being more receptive to the environment around us,to our partner too.Because being good feels good,it is truly a win-win decision.

When you let go of something for your love,you are being kind to him/her and especially to yourself.You step into your power.You become so clever as you understand that nothing is lost because there are million of other options to choose from,those that will then tick both boxes of your personal expansion and your harmonic relationship too.That is the  happily ever after that we all looking for ,that never ending happy story that keep us looking forward,that keep us thriving, chapter after chapter.



Plain or patterned

Hi,I feel that my first post should be about something meaningful and from my prospective,what I’m about to share, is,nor it would have got my focus.Plain or patterned?I’m talking about clothes.I used to feel drawn to flowery and exotic patterns until,recently,whilst having a fashion”wake up call”.Now,I get how simplicity can be a form of sophistication.
When it comes to clothes,I used to associate monochrome with conformity and therefore seeing it as an enemy of personal expression,well,my view has now changed.I still look up to a mix of vibrant colours and patterns as an artistic and anarchic expression but now feel indeed more inclined to plain,neat,almost diligently fitted clothes.I would let the beauty of the garment’s colour,its cut and the way it works with the accessories”do all the talking”.Less is more and now I grasp it.I look around and I see how many Londoners have cleverly mastered the art of clothing,displaying a look that represent who they “fancy themself to be”,while enhancing their good assets.It’s nice to use clothes to bring out personality and the individual underneath it,rather than just adorning or worst,just covering our body!
Having said that,I must add that I wouldn’t use clothes as a mean to influence people’s perception of me instead I simply like to express who I am in every way,including what I wear.I enjoy surrounding myself with what appeals to my senses and I deliberately choose anything based on my own aesthetic preference.
I tend to go with the flow.Taking care of my style it’s not vanity it’s living a life of sophisticated pleasure.I look for pleasure in everything I look at ,taste,touch,hear,and smell.Living a sensual life is my purpose and is also my gate to “happy”.
Fashion is a state of mind and a self-indulgent blessing which I like to play with forever more.

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